Vision and Mission

Awaken's Vision

More than anything else, Awaken is a church committed to reaching the Next Generation...young singles, young families, and the young-at-heart.  
Our goal in this is not to be discriminatory or exclusive.  As a church, we eagerly embrace people from every age group and cultural/ethnic background.  More than that, however, we are a church that believes we exist to help meet a great impact a young generation that is becoming increasingly disconnected from God and the church.  That need burdens us, fuels us and is a large part of defining what Awaken is all about.  
So, our vision is to partner with like-minded Saints and churches to introduce the young and young-at-heart to a beautiful God who inspires faith and offers redemption to a world lacking in both.  As a result, we have committed ourselves to certain practices:

  • At AwakenChurch, we envision a faith community that embodies and emulates the life of our Savior and "Life-giver" Jesus Christ.
  • At AwakenChurch we envision a worship experience that connects our emerging generation to a revolutionary God through a worship experience that stirs our senses and arouses our soul
  • At AwakenChurch we envision Homegroups where our people model Biblical community. Homegroups where we demonstrate Biblical love, acceptance, forgiveness, fervor, and sacrifice.
  • At AwakenChurch we envision every member serving the church according to need and within the scope of how God has uniquely gifted and crafted us.
  • At AwakenChurch we envision reaching the world by engaging our local community, mission trips, strategic partnerships, and planting new churches. We believe this will happen when our people take personal leaps of faith and regularly engage in the Gospel.
  • At AwakenChurch we envision these dreams becoming a reality as we choose to love, serve, and believe together in a God who desires to accomplish the impossible with and through us.

Awaken's Mission

Our mission is to "reconcile this generation to Jesus Christ and empower them to live mature and missional lives."