Our Affiliations

Awaken's Partners

As a church, we realize that we are not alone in our work to build God’s Kingdom. Here are some of the other Kingdom-building organizations to whom we are closely affiliated:

Great Commission Churches (GCC – www.gccweb.org): Great Commission Churches is a U.S. based fellowship of independent churches designed to equip, unite and provide accountability to churches and ministries that have a desire to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Our heart is that churches will model "New Testament Christianity in Action Today."

 Reliant Ministries (https://reliant.org): Reliant Ministries mobilizes missionaries to work in their local churches for the purpose of evangelism, discipleship and church planting. We train, employ and serve missionaries as they raise a team of supporters for their ministry. GCM was founded as a mission agency in 1989, and today it employs hundreds of missionaries who work to expand God's kingdom in North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. 

The Awakening: “The Awakening is our UNF student organization committed to effectively discipling college students at the University of North Florida and empowering tomorrow's leaders to fulfill their God-given potential."

In addition, we are affiliated with organizations outside our Great Commission network of churches to connect ourselves with the worldwide body of Christ.