Awaken FAQ

What is a Homegroup?

Our homegroups represent the heart of our church. Following the model of the early church, our church encourages our members to join a Homegroup where we enjoy good food, good fellowship, and good friends. It's a discipleship environment where, within the context of relationships, we grow in faith together. Look under the "Homegroup" tab for more information on our Homegroups and what they're all about!

What are your doctrines and beliefs?

AwakenChurch is part of a broader association of churches committed to reaching the next generation called Great Commission Churches. As a movement of churches, we have a commitment to some core beliefs and practices that unite us. You can find out more specifically what we believe under our "About" tab.

Do you post teachings online? 

We do post our teachings. You can find them here under:  "Archived Teachings

What would be the best way for me to get more information about your church? 

Our website provides a lot of basic information, but we would love to be able to personally meet with you to discuss any thoughts or questions you might have. Feel free to contact Frank Liu, one of our pastors.

What if I have a problem with the church or specific leaders in the church? 

As a church, we understand that there will inevitably be times when members come into conflict with one another or even with the Pastors. If that situation comes up, our church recommends that you abide by the process Jesus describes in the Bible (Matthew 18:15-17). In that passage, Jesus encourages us to address that conflict by talking directly with the person who has offended you. If there is not reconciliation, then bring an additional trusted friend or two with you and try again. And, if that fails, then addressing it directly with the "church" (which we would consider to be the Pastors of the church as an initial step) for resolution.

Finally, if there is a situation where the Elders of the church are the ones in egregious sin and the process of Matthew 18 have been fulfilled, then Great Commission Churches offers an additional option of mediation, reconciliation, and restoration. If your situation has come to this point, please read: GCC Accountability.