Awaken classes

At AwakenChurch, we have classes that help our people grow in their commitment and faith.  Before we do, however, I want to clarify a few terms we use in our church:

Visitors, Members, Partners, and Leaders

Visitor:  We welcome any and all newcomers to our church and hope to make you feel welcomed and loved!  We also recognize that you're intention, at this point, is simply to be a visitor and we invite you to join in our worship and fellowship.

Member:  Our church has no membership requirements.  Basically, anyone who considers Awaken to be your spiritual home can consider themselves members!  As members, we hope you will be a regular part of our Worship service and maybe even a Homegroup.  We hope you serve in a ministry and give faithfully.  As leaders, our goal is to encourage you to follow after the example and life of Jesus!

Partner:  These consist of those members who choose to go further and become contributing parts of our AwakenChurch family.  They have attended our Partnership class and make covenants to honor our church as contributing Christians....servants, givers, stewards, and examples.  As leaders, our goal is to both encourage and challenge you to imitate the example and life of Jesus!  

Leader:  These consist of those Awaken Partners who choose to take on the responsibility of shepherding the lives of others.  Leaders are not only entrusted with their own spiritual development, but the spiritual care of others.  As a result, we have a higher expectation regarding your faithful commitment to Jesus and to our church!

Awaken classes

Partnership class:  This class is offered once per Trimester (our 4-month cycle) and designed to help members become Partners.  During this class, we walk through our church's doctrines, core beliefs, and core practices.  At the end of the class, attenders will fill out an evaluation and have the ability to choose to become a Partner with AwakenChurch.

Partnership II class:  This new class is being offered as needed and designed to help our Partners discover their gifts and ministry.  We have taken a rather unique approach to assessing Spiritual gifts and integrate those ideas with Saddleback Church's SHAPE assessment.  It's a great opportunity to practically discover aspects of how God has made you so you might fulfill your God-given potential!