Awaken Building Use Forms

Welcome!  As AwakenChurch, our goal is to serve our community whether or not you are a part of our church.  If you have a desire to use our space for either ministry purposes or for a private event, we want to make that available.  Obviously, we have specific requirements and guidelines, but we will work with you to help your event go well if you choose to use our space.

Below are our Event forms.  Please review them and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Awaken Building Policies and Procedures -- This form covers our church's expectations and guidelines.  Please review them and feel free to ask if there are any concerns.  We do, however, expect those who choose to use our space to abide by these expectations and guidelines.

Awaken Event Booking Form -- This is the form you will need to complete and submit to our Pastor/Staff team if you are wanting to reserve our space.