Vashii Nemecek

Tell me What makes you tick as a pastor?

God, showing His grace and love for mankind by sending Jesus to liberate us from the bondage of sin is the most important event in history and has impacted my life more than anything else.  The new life that I experience as a follower of Jesus motivates almost everything I do and my hope is that I would lean to love God in the same way that He loves me.  

What are you passionate about? What is a daily drive for you?

I love serving others and helping everyone in the church function together as the Bible describes “The Body.”  I desire for each person to understand what he or she can do to serve and be actively involved in following the Lord.  I want to see people change the world and experience an amazing life that can only be found by following Jesus.

What is one thing you want most for Awaken Church to do well?

We, as collective individuals in the church, make up the body that will follow, serve, love, and honor Christ.  My hope is that our church responds to Christ’s words; that we may be His bride as He intended.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

When I have free time, I jump at the opportunity to be outdoors on an adventure.  I love to go fishing, lobstering, spear fishing, shrimping, camping, hiking, canoeing with my family or friends.  I also enjoy playing sports like basketball, football, volleyball, softball, or golf.  My wife, daughters, and I like doing family activities like planting a garden, building a tilapia pond, or just playing board games at the house.  My kids are very entertaining; they sing, dance, play the guitar, and put on shows all of the time to keep us laughing.

What do you want God to say about your time on earth?

My hope is that when God evaluates my life, He would say to me, “Well done good and faithful servant,” as in the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:23.  In I Corinthians 4, Paul speaks of stewards of the mysteries of God being found trustworthy and how that when Christ returns, He will examine our hearts and will praise us accordingly.  I greatly look forward to praise from God not only for what I have done, but for the condition of my heart before God.